The Roundtable: More Traction Than Regulation
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The Roundtable: More Traction Than Regulation

In this short video, “The Roundtable: More Traction Than Regulation:” the technology now available can make the construction of underground utilities easier than it’s ever been before. We can now literally locate utilities’ X,Y, Z coordinates with pinpoint accuracy, display them on a three dimensional map, and share them in real time. How much time, money and manpower is expended when excavators must repeatedly tear up the same intersection to locate the same utilities?

It’s time to work smarter, not harder. Maybe it’s going to take laws or regulations for this to change, but wouldn’t everyone save money if we improved communication of utility location data on our own? More importantly, it could also save lives.

This short video features The Roundtable 2018 panel members: Tom Hall of KorTerra, Tom Auger of Neptco, Nick Mathey of Pipe View America and Adam Zeciri of SENSIT.

(3:13 in length)

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