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Lack of Communication Within the Utility Industry

Frank Sintich of Benchmark Construction, Dave Van Wy of JULIE Illinois, and Frank Bedtke of HBK Engineering discuss some core issues surrounding excavation safety: communication breakdowns, who takes the responsibility for effective damage prevention? Events like The Roundtable are a step in the right direction.

Dave Van Wy of JULIE Illinois makes an important point, that we can easily send instant text messages, but we have trouble communicating about a multimillion dollar utility construction project that will affect millions of lives and communities.

Frank Bedtke of HBK Engineering remarks that we spend millions of dollars on utility engineering, design and construction preplanning, but the responsibility for damages often falls on those at the end stages of the process – the excavators and contract locators who are left out of the loop of communication and must absorb cost increases for staffing on large or delayed projects.

Frank Sintich of Benchmark Construction talks about our crumbling infrastructure, and all stakeholders must take responsibility for tackling this serious, costly and potentially life endangering situation.

Do government regulators have a role in damage prevention? Van Wy comments that regulators can provide a penalty or incentive to effect changes, but they can’t enforce a decision. Those in the industry – locators, utility contractors, facility owners and others should consider protection of life and property a priority and be more transparent with utility construction project details.


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