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Three trailblazing new products from Planet Underground!

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Global: The June issue of American Locator talks international damage prevention. Learn how processes and procedures differ and find commonality around the globe.

Local: Planet Underground brings you Episode 5 – Little Giants, Big Hearts: Canton Rebuilds. It’s damage prevention investigative reporting as you won’t find anyplace else. We revisit the town of Canton Illinois 6 months after a devastating gas explosion changed lives forever in this small town. History of the town and commentary from industry professionals provides a backdrop for what led to this tragedy and how we can best understand how to prevent utility strikes such as this from happening again.

Vocal: The Roundtable 2017 DVD (w/USB) is now available for sale on our site. View over two hours of forward-thinking conversation from this first of its kind industry event bringing industry leaders together to discuss the future of damage prevention, economics, technology and training with a recognition of excavators at the forefront of change.

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