Episode 10 Planet Underground TV Fiber Installation in Chicago
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Episode 10 Sneak Preview: Fiber Installation in Chicago

The crews of Electric Conduit Construction were in the Chicago lake shore area for new fiber installations and setting up power for cell phone signal transmission. The job included trenching, drilling and hand digging to bring fiber and power up light poles to fiber and electric panels. On each pole they would then install a cell site–an antenna sending out a signal for cell phones. Areas around Chicago no longer build cell towers or put antennas on buildings. This new method gives a wider range for telecom customers.

Jeff Larson, Safety Director, emphasizes the need to be vigilant in a congested, high traffic, high pedestrian urban area. Looking out for public safety is paramount in these types of jobs.

Congestion of utilities in an urban environment, both live and abandoned, requires potholing of every utility to ensure safety for workers and the public.

Fiber installations will continue to increase and improve as our demand for faster cell service and internet connections also continue to grow.

More coming soon in Episode 10 from Planet Underground!

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