Document your site for safe excavation
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Document Your Site

Skip McIntosh of Docusite talks about checklists for damage prevention during all stages of underground utility construction.

During pre-construction things, remember to hold a toolbox meeting to talk about all the hazards and safety precautions needed on the job. Look over all the locate marks, walk the site, and
make sure you have an 811 ticket. Also look for signs of potential unlocatables.

Before you begin construction, document your site with text, photos and video using the Docusite App or other means. Document locate marks, potholing and depths and call the utility if you can’t find something you expect to be there.

Post-construction, walk out the jobsite again. Document the restoration work and make sure it’s done right.

Hold a toolbox meeting with your team at the end of the construction project. Talk about any situations that went well and what wrong to help improve jobsite workflow during the next project.

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