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Why Damage Prevention Begins Before Digging!

Why Damage Prevention Begins Before Digging!

Roundtable members from 2017 discuss why damage prevention begins before the digging starts. How might SUE information prove a valuable ROI on cross section locates, avoiding costly damages?

George Recktenwald of Ledcor, Eric Swartley of UGI and Gary Schafer of Radiodetection share a conversation on the value of visual confirmation of every locate, using trenchless methods (potholing, vacuum excavation) or pre-bid SUE information to confirm utility location, especially where cross bores can be a potential risk.

Swartley states that university studies have proven that every dollar of SUE investment brings a valuable return in avoiding costly utility hits down the line.

Opportunities for preventing costly utility damages begin even before the onsite excavation work begins.

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