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American Locator strives to provide education and information to make work crew and public safety our joint mission and number one priority. We see the excavator’s voice and insight as key to significant change and much more to be done after calling 811.

In Volume 32-6, a new passionate editorial from construction industry insurance pro, Fred LeSage as he draws comparisons to past and future accidents which have, and can force real legislative change.

A reader weighs in on a recent editorial from last issue with first hand experience on how damage prevention can stray from common sense on the jobsite.

– View explosions, accident photos and news briefs on damages of note for 2018 in our Damages Dateline. Read the complete NTSB Report on the gas pipeline strike in Canton, IL reported on in American Locator Vol. 31, Issue 3.

– And find the latest updates on the Sun Prairie, WI gas explosion incident along with our in depth coverage of the ongoing legal troubles surrounding safety violations with California’s largest utility, PG&E.

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