The Challenges Surrounding GIS Information

The Challenges Surrounding GIS Information: Who is the best in charge of GIS information when it comes to underground infrastructure? Are municipalities the answer? Thomas Tym of Berntsen International, Thano Tziforos of American Survey & Engineering and Thomas Young of SeeScan touch on these often debated topics when it comes to mapping the location of …

Why Damage Prevention Begins Before Digging!

Why Damage Prevention Begins Before Digging! Roundtable members from 2017 discuss why damage prevention begins before the digging starts. How might SUE information prove a valuable ROI on cross section locates, avoiding costly damages? George Recktenwald of Ledcor, Eric Swartley of UGI and Gary Schafer of Radiodetection share a conversation on the value of visual …

Where Does the Collection of Accurate Data Captured During Construction Go?

Where does the Collection of Accurate Data Captured During Construction go? Members of one of the many expert tables from The Roundtable 2017 discuss collecting accurate utility infrastructure data during construction. Where is location data sorted after it is captured? Should municipalities require utility infrastructure maps as part of the permitting process to install new …

Attracting New Talent to the Industry

Could technology be the answer to attracting new talent into the Industry? Cody Mecham of McLaughlin, Mark Whelan of SeeScan and Ron LaBarca of US Radar discuss the potential effects of new technology on working conditions for those in the field.

Best Practices for Recording and Sharing Utility Locating

Neil Costello of VacGroup Australia, Steve Rienks of American Survey & Engineering, and Mark Olsson of SeeScan, discuss collecting and sharing survey and SUE information in the best possible way so that utilities are not repeatedly remarked. Is it a more political or more a technical issue?

Lack of Communication Within the Utility Industry

Frank Sintich of Benchmark Construction, Dave Van Wy of JULIE Illinois, and Frank Bedtke of HBK Engineering discuss some core issues surrounding excavation safety: communication breakdowns, who takes the responsibility for effective damage prevention? Events like The Roundtable are a step in the right direction.

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