Damage Investigations

Safe practices demonstrations were a major part of The Roundtable Live! 2018 summer excavation safety event at Planet Underground. Dave Conover and Carl Parks, one-call enforcement investigators from the Illinois Commerce Commission, demonstrate how to do a proper underground excavation damage investigation. Often they get photos and other evidence from the utility owners, but not …

Kill and Drill

Jon Moulton of Q3 Contracting speaks with us from a jobsite in which Q3 used potholing and hand digging to confirm the existence of an unlocatable plastic gas service line. This line had been marked previously by their locators via silver paint on the ground and white flags in the area. As such, Q3 determined …

The impact of Metrotech 810

Still in use 30 years later, the 810 locator, featured in this video, was the first electromagnetic locator providing simultaneous peak and null readings, reducing the potential for human error.

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