Episode 4: Locating Evolved

SeeScan, a unique company who makes locators for RIGID, has a plan to revolutionize EM locators and possibly even change the roll of a locator out in the field.

Episode 3: GPR – Just Touching the Surface

Planet Underground TV talked with GPR experts Dr. Dennis Prezbindowski and Brian Clem of Blood Hound who gave us some insight on what it takes to be a good GPR Locator.

Episode 2: As Important as a Shovel

Planet Underground TV goes onsite with Intren and ElectriCom and gains insights into accurate locating and locate verification.

Episode 1: Dawn of Depth

Locating design experts analyze the development of locating equipment today and the future of depth and gain malfunctions.

Antenna Research

Ray Merewether, Chief Scientist at SeeScan, does a good job of breaking down the way a locating device reacts with the coils and wires underground to detect where things are.

The impact of Metrotech 810

Still in use 30 years later, the 810 locator, featured in this video, was the first electromagnetic locator providing simultaneous peak and null readings, reducing the potential for human error.

Dennis Prezbindowski: GPR Training Plan

Dennis is arguably one of the most knowledgeable GPR operators in the US. He breaks down the best ways methods for GPR training.

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