The Roundtable 2017 DVD Promo

Changes to our industry are coming fast! The Roundtable DVD will give you a front row seat to where we go from here.

The Roundtable Panel

An excerpt from the final 2017 Roundtable DVD final panel discussion which included live audience questions and summarized the day’s discussions on a broad range of important topics in underground utility damage prevention solutions, innovations, and possibilities for the future. The final panel included dialogue with representatives from HBK Engineering, SeeScan, XL Catlin, North Shore …

Locating and Workforce Challenges

Professionals from USIC, Blood Hound, Vivax-Metrotech and Pipehorn discuss various obstacles to overcome and solutions to be found in the day to day work of locators. How do we overcome potential for errors and emphasize the important work of accurate locating? This excerpt comes from the 2017 Planet Underground Roundtable 2017 DVD category “Culture of …

A Complete Picture of the Underground

Pros from SeeScan, Heath Consultants, North Shore Gas and share their thoughts on what it will take to make digital mapping of underground utility infrastructure and facilities a reality.

Eliminating Human Error

Communication and trust between all parties involved in underground utility design, locating, excavation and construction is critical to preventing errors that can lead to costly, and life threatening mistakes. Can technology help eliminate error where communication breaks down?

Abandoned and Unlocatable Facilities

Locating challenges unique to older and abandoned facilities and infrastructure within the city of Chicago and suburbs are discussed. Accurate mapping data documented in the present will save time and money for future design and excavation work.

One-call Centers as Mapping Repositories

Are 811 one-call centers an ideal single solution for centralizing access to underground utility mapping data? What is the best standard for collecting, storing and sharing that data? Will one-call centers still be relevant in the future once a central data repository is developed?

We are always looking for new ideas! What would you like to see us cover in an upcoming video?