Episode 4: Going Above and Beyond at O’Hare

An Electric Conduit Construction crew had the task of lowering inner ducts to put a driveway in off busy Irving Park Rd. near O’Hare airport, but when they were lowering the ducts they saw that a fiber had previously been hit. That fiber just happened to lead to the airport.

Episode 4: Building a New Chicago

Diverse challenges await those who excavate in an older metropolis like Chicago — abandoned lines, unstable earth, etc. — and INTREN is surely prepared to meet those challenges head on.

Episode 3: Just Paint on the Ground

Planet Underground TV takes you into the world of the excavator, and in this segment we feature ElectriCom as they discuss pro-active approaches to safety as a top priority.

Episode 2: The Boring Solution

Recording information at the head of the directional borer is an essential part of damage prevention at the excavation site.

Episode 1: Exposed to Risk

Insurance company representatives work with excavating teams to better ensure damage prevention on site and determine the appropriate coverage rates.

Episode 1: Threading the Needle

Intren excavating crews get the job done through communication and teamwork to avoid any damages on the site.

Filling Industry Jobs

Larry Geraghty from Meade Electric couldn’t have said it better. Companies and trade unions in particular need to find new ways to reach out to youth to recruit new talent.

Teamwork when excavating

An INTREN crew talks about how each one of them contributes to making the work flow smoothly and efficiently. INTREN is a great example of an outward-looking excavation company that makes a conscious effort of creating a culture within their organization that promotes safety and efficiency.

Safely crossing an exposed utility

Planet Underground TV captures incredible footage as excavators protect a gas service during a utility installation. Watch through a pot-holed gap as the crew pulls back a rod from their HDD over a protected gas line, handling critical “holding points” with care and precision.

Excavators are not the problem; they are the solution

Planet Underground TV follows an excavation crew as they use a HDD, attach tracer wires and talk all things excavating to replace old lines and pipes dating back to the 1930s! The crew gives a fascinating glimpse into the challenges they face on a daily basis in this eye-opening video.

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