Document Your Site

Skip McIntosh of Docusite talks about checklists for damage prevention during all stages of underground utility construction. During pre-construction things, remember to hold a toolbox meeting to talk about all the hazards and safety precautions needed on the job. Look over all the locate marks, walk the site, and make sure you have an 811 …

An Unbiased Safety Inspection

Mike Hartnett of Optimum Safety Management talks about how they help companies develop a better safety culture. Using unbiased safety inspections, they bring a fresh perspective on ways to reduce jobsite hazards. In Optimum’s pre-job briefing, they offer a task hazard analysis and specify how to mitigate those hazards step by step. There are two …

ComEd’s Rules to Dig By

Byron Peters, Damage Prevention Specialist with ComEd, talks about best practices for safe digging around their buried cables during all phases of a planned excavation. Byron advises contractors to utilize the best practice of calling in a design stage locate ticket during which utilities will send maps of their buried assets. Getting ready for excavation, …

Cross Bore Mitigation – Part 2

Crews from NPL brought their Rigid SeeSnake to the Roundtable Live! event to demonstrate cross bore mitigation using trenchless excavation. This is a key component to damage prevention in underground utility construction. Using the features of the bore camera to double check their bore path underground, NPL crews showed how a little extra effort for …

Going the Extra Mile to Make Sure Your Crew Goes Home Safe!

Going the Extra Mile to Make Sure Your Crew Goes Home Safe: Hear how attention to detail in construction helped avoid the shutdown of O’Hare Airport and how, when it comes to excavation safety, assumptions can kill you. As utility and telecommunication excavating accidents continue to occur with deadly consequences, due diligence in the work …

Vermeer HDD Circuit Training

Vermeer launched its first HDD circuit training program in 2015, which ultimately developed into a two week training program at the factory. Students are pre-tested on current industry knowledge, then have classroom time reviewing key topics for success: safety, mud mixing, drill fluid mixing, what are the types of fluids/how they are used, common components …

Episode 4: Building a New Chicago

Diverse challenges await those who excavate in an older metropolis like Chicago — abandoned lines, unstable earth, etc. — and INTREN is surely prepared to meet those challenges head on.

Episode 3: Just Paint on the Ground

Planet Underground TV takes you into the world of the excavator, and in this segment we feature ElectriCom as they discuss pro-active approaches to safety as a top priority.

Excavators are not the problem; they are the solution

Planet Underground TV follows an excavation crew as they use a HDD, attach tracer wires and talk all things excavating to replace old lines and pipes dating back to the 1930s! The crew gives a fascinating glimpse into the challenges they face on a daily basis in this eye-opening video.

811 war stories

Planet Underground TV looks at excavating from the unique viewpoint of the excavator working on a dig site. Hear about mis-located lines, incorrect one-call marks and the dangers these things can lead to—like accidentally hitting a live power line!

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