Electric Conduit Construction: Safety First

Planet Underground TV filmed onsite with ECC for an important job near Chicago O’Hare Airport involving half the town of Bensenville’s power lines. ECC showed us why they are the crew to do a job with so much on the line, because safety is always their #1 priority!

Planet Underground TV Episode 1- Roundtable (3:30min)

Check out this illuminating segment from the 2015 Roundtable event! This unique seminar brings together people from all corners of the damage prevention industry to discuss and debate the most important and pressing topics of the day! It also allows American Locator magazine to gather new source material, story ideas and content streams so we …

Planet Underground TV Episode 2: As Important as a Shovel (6:50)

Take a glimpse into the world of excavators who perform their own post-811 locating! Leaving nothing to chance, the extra caution these crews take with locating provides a safer and damage-free workplace.

Planet Underground TV Episode 2: A 3-D Future (7:32)

The forward-thinking minds at HBK Engineering discuss the impending situation of digital mapping and data-collection in this illuminating look into the future of utility installation! 

Planet Underground Episode 2: The Boring Solution (6:43)

Watch the careful and intricate actions of a crew working an HDD boring rig! Teamwork, communication and patience are the keys to a successful and damage-free installation.

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