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Best Practices for Recording and Sharing Utility Locating

Neil Costello of VacGroup Australia, Steve Rienks of American Survey & Engineering, and Mark Olsson of SeeScan, discuss collecting and sharing survey and SUE information in the best possible way so that utilities are not repeatedly remarked. Is it a more political or more a technical issue?

Costello brings up the value of recording utility depth and location data during the subsurface utility engineering process.

Rienks mentions the value of not only capturing and recording this information but sharing this information so that the same utilities are not located time and time again. He also brings up the passing on of knowledge from the older experienced generations of utility engineers, locators, contractors…how is this best achieved?

Olsson asks, is sharing this data more a political or a technical issue?
Do we have the technology to capture, store and share the data right now so it can be used in the future? Or do we still need to develop better methods and technology to allow this information to be captured accurately and shared?


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