An Unbiased Safety Inspection by Optimum Safety Management
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An Unbiased Safety Inspection

Mike Hartnett of Optimum Safety Management talks about how they help companies develop a better safety culture. Using unbiased safety inspections, they bring a fresh perspective on ways to reduce jobsite hazards. In Optimum’s pre-job briefing, they offer a task hazard analysis and specify how to mitigate those hazards step by step.

There are two key questions that Mike will ask a foreman to focus in on ways to improve jobsite safety. First, he asks what is the most dangerous thing they’ve seen happen while performing a certain task? Second, he asks what is the most likely thing to happen with a certain task? When you mitigate the most severe and the most likely, you’ll eliminate most potential damages onsite.

At The Roundtable Live! at Planet Underground this August 2018, Mike asked these two questions of a crewman he’d never met before with Western Utility. The crewman talked about some dangerous situations he’d encountered with directional boring.

In their post construction review, Optimum makes sure any jobsite incidents are well documented and that a root cause analysis takes place in order to avoid future potential damages.

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