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American Locator
Contractor Special
July 2019

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American Locator strives to provide education and information to make work crew and public safety our joint mission and number one priority. American Locator, as part of Planet Underground, sees the excavator’s voice and insight as key to significant change and much more to be done after calling 811.

New! In Volume 33-3, our current issue, read our special editorial on the latest fatal utility related damages in Murrieta CA, plus, remembering the one-year anniversary of the deadly explosion in Sun Prairie, WI.

– Electric Conduit Construction goes above and beyond in putting safe practices into saving lives every day on the jobsite. We interview their crews onsite in Chicago to learn how they do damage prevention right.
– Transcript from The Roundtable 2018 puts an excavator at the table with utility operators to discuss their points of view on data sharing, mapping, training and what change should mean in the industry.
– Locating utilities during excavation: safety going beyond the call to 811
– An insurer provides frank, bold insights into navigating the currents of general liability claims
– Getting the most from SUE

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