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The Roundtable 2017 DVD Promo

Changes to our industry are coming fast! The Roundtable DVD will give you a front row seat to where we go from here.

Nearly 60 professionals attended Planet Underground’s Roundtable in December 2016. The Roundtable event marks an industry-first milestone in moving discussions on damage prevention towards real-world solutions backed by technological innovation and advances in communication among all industry leaders, with excavators at the forefront.

The Roundtable 2017 complete DVD

features a series of smart, off-the-cuff discussions between engaging experts throughout the spectrum of underground utility damage prevention. Our DVD captures key moments from over 50 roundtables, highlighting over two hours of future-focused, forward-thinking conversation formatted into 32 easy to view segments and divided into six key categories:

– The Economics of Excavation
– The Culture of Locating
– One-call and the Law
– Mapping, Data Collection and Storage
– Looking to the Future
– The Roundtable Panel

Gain the Advantage..Why You Need This Groundbreaking Video

• View credible analysis of the challenges that confront the underground utility installation and damage prevention industry today
• Understand how the industry will evolve over the course of time
• Adapt your current practices to align with a business model for the future

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